We assess, control and minimize the environmental impacts of our activities and we are nationally recognized for this performance.

We assume the role of transforming agent, as a partner of the community and we invest so that our employees and neighboring communities value the environment and participate in the preservation movement, with the objective of bringing quality of life and economic, social and environmental benefits.

There are several projects developed or supported with the purpose of preserving fauna, flora and reducing the emission of particles in the atmosphere and the consumption of water. For the actions developed, we received several certifications in the areas of quality and environmental responsibility.

We stand out for the concern with four fundamental points for the preservation of the natural resources, of the local fauna and flora: reforestation, monitoring of the water quality, control of emissions and preservation of the biodiversity.

With this, we are proud to build our name based on ethics, transparency and respect for human beings and the environment, demonstrating with effective actions, that it is possible to produce responsibly.

Public Action


A uisa and the Mato Grosso State Secretariat for the Environment (SEMA-MT) invite to the Public Hearing with online transmission, for the presentation of the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) and the Environmental Impact Report (RIMA) of the Unit Enlargement Thermoelectric (UTE) in the municipality of Nova Olímpia – MT. 

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